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A lot of my memories that have to do with being out on the lake or around water are largely due to the fact that my grandpa on my mom’s side. He would take us out on the lake to go fishing and we would also make a yearly trip to the coast and do some deep sea fishing. My dad was not a very avid fisherman, nor was he very keen on the water. This being so, I never really got any affinity to the water from my dad’s side of the family.

His mom (my grandma) instilled a fear of water in him from a very young age and she tried to do the same to me, but I was already loving the water enough that her quirks didn’t phase me. She would only allow us to have a half inch of water in which to bathe. She even ran the water for us so we couldn’t get too much. We were told that even that was too deep. I never really asked why since I was taught to respect my elders. As I have grown older, I feel like she may have known someone who drown, possibly.


Like I said, I still loved the water even though I knew you could be hurt by it. I continued to love it up until I was about 15. My grandpa and I were out on the lake and we were bass fishing. At some point in the fishing, I caught a really hard fighting fish and I knew it was huge. After a tough fight, I got the fish to the surface and I was ready to pull it in when my grandpa told me to hold up. I had snagged an alligator Garr on my line. I knew my grandpa didn’t like those types of fish because he would curse them when we had half-eaten fish on our trotlines. I had just never seen one up close before… So many teeth…

Begining of a new fear/respect

In that moment, I realized there were some creepy things in the water. This was the first step in a development of fears about water. I don’t fear water in general, but I would easily never take another dip in water where I cannot see the bottom. I take a lot of guff from people for having this quirky fear. I still get out on the lake and fish, but I don’t get in the water anymore; not if there isn’t a clearly visible bottom.

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